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Mint Collection
Foodie Inspiration

26.06.20 | News, Products

Bendicks Mint Collection with a cheesboard, end of dinner occasion

The Bendicks Mint Collection is the perfect finishing touch to any meal or entertainment occasion. Here we explore some of the many ways in which you can enjoy our finest premium mint chocolates at home.

Something for Everyone

Bendicks Mint Collection Dinner Party

As the Mint Collection contains a selection of our finest dark mint chocolates, there is a delicious chocolate for everyone inside the inviting black and green box.

This selection of premium dark mint chocolates ensures that when the Mint Collection is served alongside a classic cheeseboard it is a delicious way to impress guests.

The Mint Collection is equally at home as the perfect finishing touch to any family Sunday roast or special dinner.

When planning your next entertainment occasion, make sure the Mint Collection is on your shopping list.

The Mint Collection contains:

Bittermints – our original and most famous mint. A firm fondant, infused with a powerful mint oil, enrobed in intense, dark chocolate containing 95% cocoa solids.

Elizabethan Mints – dark chocolate with a soft peppermint fondant centre.

Dark English Mints – a dark chocolate baton infused with fresh peppermint oil.

Bendicks Mints on a table with playing cards and drinks

A perfect finishing touch to any family Sunday roast or special occasion