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Sustainability Policy

Storck has been successfully producing high-quality confectionery for over 100 years. This family-run company is now one of the largest confectionery manufacturers in the world. Storck employees work diligently to make the world a little sweeter, a little bit more warm-hearted and happier every day.

Consistency, togetherness, mutual trust and a view toward future generations shape our family business. Since its founding, sustainability has been an integral part of Storck’s values and philosophy. For us, it is a matter of course not only to strive for short-term economic success, but also to grow the company sustainably by acting with social and ecological awareness. The principle of responsibility is the foundation and source for our actions, guiding our activities in all areas of the business. It is a way of working that cares for people as well as raw materials, energy and residual materials.

As a family business, economic performance and stability are critical to our company’s existence. Only sustained profitable growth secures our entrepreneurial freedom and protects jobs. As a family-run company, Storck always subordinates the short-term effect to a comprehensive strategy. Long-term, positive perspectives are vital for strategic decisions.

Our Approach

We pursue a long-term sustainability approach. Priority is given to the quality and safety of our products, our employees, the supply chain and the environment.

Rigour at the Highest Level

Consistently high product quality is our objective and our quality management process guarantees it. This includes our regularly certified production plants, transparent standards, as well as internal and external testing and sensor technology laboratories. Product manufacturing at Storck starts “from scratch.” We prefer to manufacture our confectionery ourselves in accordance with the highest safety standards. A constant, well-trained workforce ensures the consistent quality and safety of our successful products.

Performance, Passion and Cooperation

As a family business, we feel particularly close to our employees. They are the heart of the company and the focus of our actions. Our “employee family” is united in respect and mutual appreciation. This close bond is the foundation for everything that makes Storck special and successful. Our Code of Conduct encourages all employees to live our values – responsibility, honesty, integrity and fairness – every day at work, with each other and our partners.

Fairness and Reliability

We maintain trusting and long-term relationships with our business partners and are committed to reliable and transparent trading practices. We have therefore committed to comply with and implement principles for fair business relations in the food chain. With the certification of all our operating sites according to the SA8000 social standard, we commit ourselves to respecting human rights. Compliance with the requirements of SA8000 is also binding for our suppliers, combined with a comprehensive supplier code of conduct. Our orientation according to sustainable standards builds a further foundation of our responsible procurement.

Protection of Nature and the Environment

It is our goal to keep environmental impacts minimal. We motivate our employees to uphold this and support them in using natural resources responsibly at all times. The efficient use of energy and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in particular are guiding principles for Storck. We maintain a certified energy management system and optimise all processes with the aim of reducing the use of resources. These include production and cleaning processes, packaging, storage and logistics. We increasingly purchase raw materials certified according to recognised social and environmental standards.

Our Commitment

  • We produce our products in our own manufacturing facilities according to high standards and guarantee the best quality and reliable safety of our products at all times.
  • We aim for sustained profitable growth to maintain our independence as a family business.
  • We provide long-term and reliable jobs to offer a good economic basis for our employees.
  • Storck cultivates a family “we” culture and respectful cooperation within the company.
  • Paramount to the principles of our company are occupational safety and protection of the health of our employees.
  • Training, further education and versatile qualifications of our employees are of great importance to us.
  • We appreciate the great diversity of our employees and offer equal opportunities to all.
  • We guarantee labour and human rights in our factories and demand that they are also respected in our supply chain.
  • We have ourselves audited and certified according to the SA8000 social standard.
  • We focus on long-term relationships and are strongly committed to fair treatment of business partners.
  • We maintain good relations with the communities in which our company is located and are engaged socially.
  • We use energy efficiently and strive to continuously reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our production. We are reducing the use of primary energy from fossil fuels per tonne of finished goods and will cut consumption by at least 30% by 2030 compared to 2008.
  • We maintain an energy management system certified according to ISO 50001.
  • For packaging, we use materials sparingly, increase the proportion of recyclable packaging and use recycled material wherever possible as a food manufacturer.
  • We reduce our waste and recycle valuable materials.
  • We use water responsibly and keep consumption as low as possible.
  • We are committed to the environmentally and socially just cultivation of raw materials and increasingly purchase products certified according to recognised standards.


The sustainability policy has been approved by the Board of AUGUST STORCK KG. It is supported by all business divisions. The Managing Director of Production and Technology is responsible for implementation. The policy is communicated to all employees. It is available to the public via the Storck website and on request.

Adopted on 20 October 2020

Axel Oberwelland
Chairman of the Management Board