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Bendicks Mints

From the best ingredients, through to our charity work, our focus is always on the highest quality and making a difference


Bendicks Mint Chocolates Quality MintThroughout our long history, all our luxury chocolates have been made with the same attention to detail.

For us fine ingredients are not an indulgence – they are a necessity.

We source our own ingredients; from our use of fresh peppermint oil, to our handmade honeycomb, we develop our own recipes, and then we make our own products.


Bendicks Mint Chocolates Cocoa Beans 95% Cocoa SolidsOur people are dedicated to nothing less than the pursuit of dark chocolate perfection.

Again, for us everything starts with our chocolate. We use only the finest grown cocoa beans from a variety of sources. Much of our chocolate contains unusually high 95% cocoa solids. Making our fine dark mint chocolates complex and rich in the way that only a Bendicks chocolate can be. The perfect contrast to the intensity of our other ingredients.

Today, we still pay the same attention to detail at our factory as we did when our chocolates were made in a tiny basement beneath our shop in Kensington.

This means that we continue to delight the most discerning of customers.




We are proud to be working with The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST) a charity dedicated to supporting excellence in British craftsmanship through helping talented and aspiring makers. Bendicks sponsors a scholar each year really making a difference to their training and development.

To find out details of our current scholar please click here.



Bendicks is pleased to support The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The Royal Foundation aims to support a broad range of ambitious activity, bringing people, ideas and resources together to understand issues, explore creative solutions to challenges and be a catalyst for long-term impact. Driven by the desire to make a difference, current programmes focus on mental health, early years, conservation and supporting emergency responders. In addition to these programmes, as the country responds to COVID-19, The Royal Foundation is working to support frontline workers and ensure that those in need are able to access mental health support.



Bendicks is proud to support Coram Beanstalk; a children’s charity. Patron, The Queen. Coram Beanstalk helps children improve their reading ability and confidence through tailored, one-to-one support, leading to more confident readers, enhanced self-esteem, and improved academic performance.

To read more about the charity, please click here


Factory in 1940's

Our Heritage

There are few premium confectionery companies that can point to a heritage as long and as rich as ours.

Our story began in 1930, when Mr Oscar Benson and Colonel ‘Bertie’ Dickson acquired a small confectionery business in Kensington, London.

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Mint Collection from Bendicks | Bendicks Mint Chocolates

Where To Buy

If you would like to experience the wonderfully intense, dark mint chocolates that are uniquely Bendicks. Our range of high-quality chocolates are available at a selection of national retailers, as well as online.

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Bendicks - Bittermints


Our original and most famous mint.
Still made to the original recipe from 1931.
An intense mint fondant covered in thick 95% dark chocolate, a unique combination of contrasting premium ingredients.

Bendicks Mint collection 200g pack

Mint Collection

An assortment of our finest
dark mint chocolates. This selection of quality mint chocolates makes a perfect gift, or a luxurious finishing touch to any meal or special occasion.